Sex Toys Best Practices

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Sex Toys Best Practices

Bid bacteria farewell
Sex toys, if adequately tended to, can prove a safe, sanitary, and long-lived outlet for pleasure. Though the moments following your session may be so euphoric that they dull your senses, you mustn’t let post-climax bliss cloud your judgment. Neglecting to cleanse your sex toys is unhygienic and, in severe cases, could lead to an itchy, burning, and unpleasant sensation around your nether regions. With that said, abiding by proper cleaning techniques bodes well for the subsequent sex toys-related activities. Sex toys are just as versatile as their owners. With that said, different materials warrant specific cleansing procedures.


Rule of thumb
No matter the material of your sex toys, selecting fragrance-free soap is the safest avenue. While washing your toys with perfumed soaps may seem enticing, a chemical-laden solvent will irritate. What’s more, a clean and unsoiled cloth or paper towel needs to be used when drying off your personal pleasure device.

Latex, rubber, jelly

  • Cleanse with a generic and unscented hand or dish soap*
  • Use a lint-free cloth so the material doesn’t cling to the toy’s tacky exterior
  • Allow the toy to air-dry as well

Glass, silicone, metal, plastic

  • Cleanse with a generic and unscented hand or dish soap*
  • Use any towel, so long as it’s clean, to dry the toy off
  • For a deep clean, consider soaking your sex toys in boiling water
  • These materials are dishwasher safe as well, so you may want to explore that option

*Note: sex toys cleaners can be used in lieu of hand or dish soap.

Knowing where and how to store your sex toys
After your much-needed cleanse has concluded, you want to be sure that your sex toys is stowed in an appropriate environment so as not to undo everything you just did. A proper compartment for your sex toys will be devoid of germs and bacteria-laden surfaces. As an added precaution, your intimate device should be cocooned in a cloth or silk bag.

When to clean your sex toys
As painstaking as it may seem, your sex toys should be cleaned before and after every use. The only way to ensure that you aren’t compromising your health is to perform a thorough scrubbing when coming into contact with your beloved romance device.

Don’t be careless
The importance of cleaning your sex toys can’t be stressed enough. Failure to abide by adequate cleaning regimens can lead to an infectious disease and serious discomfort. One sure-fire way to avoid such adverse effects is to clean your device on a regular basis.

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