Topless Waiters in Melbourne 

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Topless Waiters in Melbourne

Home to some of the hottest hunks, Australia is renowned for their topless catering services. Ideal for hens nights, birthday celebrations, or cheeky kick ons, topless waiters in Melbourne add an air of sensuality to any occasion. As dreamy as they are professional, topless waiters in Melbourne are the best of both worlds. Whether you’re looking to swoon over attractive men, receive world-class services, or play games with hunky caterers, topless waiters in Melbourne fulfill every desire. While run-of-the-mill butlers offer class and sophistication, topless waiters in Melbourne ginger things up. It’s for this reason why topless waiters are highly sought-after.

What A Night With A Topless Waiter In Melbourne Entails
Typically, the night will commence with a round of drinks for you and your girls while your shirtless hosts serve on your hand and foot. No doubt an enticing prospect, women relish the idea of hiring gentlemen who are both alluring and attentive. When the booze has loosened everyone up, it’s game time! These are some of the most popular games that girls play with their topless waiters from Males Strippers in Melbourne

  • Bridget Jones’ Big Underpants Race
  • Hey Gorgeous! Kiss My…
  • Sensual Pinata
  • Lose Your Virginity Trivia
  • Bridal Bingo
  • Truth Or Dare
  • Prosecco Pong
  • Pin The Bow On The Waiter
  • Pin The Trunks On The Hunks
  • Molding Of The Bride
  • Bride Gin Challenge
  • Bra Pong

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What’s Expected Of A Topless Waiter
Far more than just easy on the eyes, your topless waiters are prompt servants who have duties to perform. Here’s what you can expect from your topless waiters during the event.

  • Tidy up
  • Set tables
  • Serve cocktails and food
  • Perform strip teases
  • Decorate
  • Prepare food
  • Play games

How To Make The Most Of Your Time With A Topless Waiter
If you’ve never hired a topless waiter in Melbourne before, here are some cheeky ways to get the most out of your irresistible server.

  • Create a scandalous photo shoot to make your man jealous with
  • Give them a lap dance
  • Create drinks named after the waiters
  • Ask for a massage
  • Take body shots off of them

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